Incognito Gone

Incognito Gone: Get Rid of Private Browsing

(Last Updated: 07/18/2013)

Incognito Gone: Get Rid of Private Browsing

Release Notes:

  • v2.1.0.0 – (07/18/2013)
    • Fixed for Chrome 28
    • Removed Firefox option until fix can be implemented.
  • v2.0.0.0 – (12/30/2012)
    • Updated UI
    • Now effectively removes Private Browsing from Mozilla Firefox
    • Additional performance enhancements
  • v1.0.0.0 – (02/03/2012) Initial release

Are you worried about the sites your children may be viewing online?  Private online browsing options such as the “Incognito” mode in Google Chrome make monitoring the web history nearly impossible.  While this option in itself is not bad, many parents are upset that Google Chrome, and other web browsers do not provide an option to remove or disable the function.  So, in response to all the online threads and forums of frustrated parents who want to remove this option, I have created a simple program called Incognito Gone to disable private browsing.

Please feel free to download this program for free!


Direct Download Link

Incognito Gone: Get Rid of Private Browsing

157 thoughts on “Incognito Gone: Get Rid of Private Browsing

      1. Laura

        Do you have this for the android phone? Is there a way to disable incognito from verizon android?


  1. Dave

    Thank you for solving this problem and making it available to those of us who are not “techies”. It works exactly like I had hoped and was very simple to do.

  2. Amber

    OH MY GOSH THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF A MORMON HEART! Seriously, this is amazing and everyone should be using this. And I’m not one to lay on the compliments :-)

  3. Annabell

    Ok so I downloaded it and clicked disable Mozilla private browsing, it said it was done.
    I checked and it had not disabled it so i restarted my computer but it still has not disabled it.
    What am I doing wrong?
    I would really like to disable it.

  4. William Wood Post author

    No restart required – Just close the browser click disable in Incognito Gone and restart the browser.

    Please note the above statement about Firefox. I do not remove the feature from the app. I only remove it from the menu. If you need it completely gone I would suggest switching the Chrome or Internet Explorer where the disable function is complete.

      1. Annabell

        darn i thought it worked but it did not. after i click disable it asks if i really want to do it, i say yes and then right away it says it disabled it.
        So then i reopen mozilla and private browsing is still there.
        do i need to upgrade mozilla?

  5. Joseph

    If you develop a mac version of this, please let me know!

    Also if you want to promote this product try googling “disable incognito mode” and posting on all the forums there, that have NO solution so far.

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  8. Dina

    I have Firefox 11.0 downloaded this and private browsing still there. When you mention above to click disable private browsing in incognito gone, where is that option. I cannot seem to find that?

  9. Dina

    I just sent a post asking how to do this and I figured it out.I had to download winrar to open the incognito gone file because it was a zip file. Now the option for start private browsing is gone from the tools drop down menu, BUT if you use uncheck the menu bar and use the option drop down from firefox, the option is still there and works. Is there anything at all to remove it from there too. Please help as soon as posible.

  10. Dina

    Thank you so much for the incognito gone download. Is there nay way to recover history that has been deleted and history that has been removed via “Forget this site” or any way to remove the option to “Forget this site on FIREFOX? PLease help as soon as possible . If my kids use the delete site, I can still view cookies, but if they use the “Forget about this site” it deletes all cookies and takes it from the recently closed tabs menu, etc. whereas just deleting site does not.

  11. Stewie

    Ok, so this program disables the “In Private”
    or “Incognito” functions in I.E and Chrome etc ….. how can you re-enable the functions with the program?

  12. Ang

    This is uch a gem. Its not just for kids! I had been using Mozilla til now coz they had such an extension. Now this covers everything. Beat Internet pornography!

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  14. Robert

    As a counselor I help many people with sexual addictions. For those that know about them, the incognito and private browsing options allow them to go to websites they struggle staying away from without getting caught. Aside from accountability programs, that are easily hackable, there hasn’t been many options to help them stay clean.

    I downloaded your file myself to ensure it works, and to remove any temptations I may have, and will be recommending it to all my clients. It was fast and works great! All the mentioned options are gone. Thanks for your work.

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  16. Jessica

    It seems to work for google chrome, but in mozilla firefox it still enables me to open private browsing from the menu. I only use google chrome so if i uninstall firefox that should be fine right? What happens if i delete the incognito gone application? Will it enable me to access incognito using google chrome?

  17. Danny

    I just discovered this on my nexus 7 tablet. Will your software work for it. Thank you so much for your efforts and work.

      1. gwen h

        PLEASE, is there a way to delete this “incognito” modem Android phones yet?

        This is such a bad thing to be set standard, for no parent or person has control over improper or addictive site restrictions. This just seems to be begging for endangering our children and too much temptation for those needing help

  18. Roger Corbett

    It just appeared one day and has been a pain in the @#% ever since. We tried everything, but could not get rid of it. On the third day of looking for a solution I found this program, it sounded to good to be true.
    IT WORKS YES !!!
    William Wood would you please help Microsoft become more user sensitive?
    Thanks again

      1. Brad

        Yes! Pleeeeease a mac version :) Excellent tool on windows but please also a mac version. I’d pay for that!

  19. KMo

    will this program show up in the start/windows/all programs?? if so, what is it called? (I have an app on my phone for storing “private” pics called “audio manager” as to make it sound like something other than what it really is.

  20. Maria

    Wow! This was super easy and quick! I thought it was too good to be true.. Thanks for your help, and a peace of mind.

  21. Karine

    Hello William,

    Thanks for the app, wonderful tool.
    Please help.

    The app worked on my computer but on the mobile -android- it did not. I can’t open the file. I can download it but I get an error message”can’t open file”.
    Any suggestions what to do?
    Best regards

      1. Christopher

        Are you working on android version? It would be awesome if you could… I’d be willing to pay for your time…. I’ve looked into the databases and everything and can not figure a way to disable it

  22. Grt

    Thank you, I worked on my HP – absolutely fine – but I cannot download the program on my Mac – when I open the EXE-file, It just contains a lot of words and script, but no program. Any suggestion on, how I can make it work ?

  23. Ben

    Hey william!

    I downloaded from cnet but when i run, it apparently lags my computer. I used task manager to turn it off.

    do you have another link for direct download?


  24. Wes

    I downloaded to toshiba android tablet. It shows up in the downloads app but it won’t let me open it so that I can disable the incognito tab. It says “‘cannot open file” and “there is no associated application for this file type”. PLEASE HELP

  25. Dianne

    How wonderful of you to go through the trouble of creating this program and letting us download it for free! Thank you!
    I also had to download the microsoft .net framework and I was thinking that maybe you should include it in your article for people who might not read the comments. But all in all, great program.

  26. Dianne

    By the way, for whatever reason, I also had to restart my computer after I installed incognito gone. I thought it wasn’t going to work at all, but once I restarted it worked exactly as stated.

  27. George

    I was getting an error message that I need v4.030319 .NETframewhoe. – I installed this through microsoft – but it was taking forever, so then i saw the above message about downloading winrar – i did that, it was half done, i reinstalled the incognito gone and it worked!!!!

  28. angella

    How can I restore the browsing history after private browsing using incognito? Is it possible? I would highly appreciate your help. Thank you in advance

  29. Nicole

    Hello, I downloaded the program for use with Google Chrome, pressed disable on the menu but Incognito mode is still there. Please help with any suggestions?

  30. Sarah

    Hey! I really love the look of your program. It is exactly what I am looking for. Unfortunately, I use a Macbook. If you ever develop this for Macs, please, please let me know! I would love this.

  31. SWhite

    Thank you so much for your contribution to making the internet safer. When I realized our child had been using the Incognito mode, I was petrified. Just when I thought there was no hope, I found your program. I can’t say thank you enough for helping protect our families in a world gone mad. Thank you!

  32. Seth

    Thank you so much for this program. I’m sixteen years old and really struggling with looking at pornography, so taking away incognito and inprivate will definitely help! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Debb!e

        thank you for your quick response. Can you tell me what to do to remove it from Android Smartphone? All the parent controls are worthless… :( so frustrating. How do you protect your children when you just can find what you need? any help is genuinely appreciated!

  33. Jessica

    I just downloaded this on my computer and it is not working. i am using google chrome. i downloaded this on my laptop a few months ago and it worked on that.

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  35. Jopao

    I have one question though.
    If I uninstall my Google Chrome (after I disabled the incognito feature with your program), then re-installed Chrome again on my Windows, will the incognito be back again?
    I know it says permanent, but I just really wanted to confirm. Thanks and more power! :D

    1. William Wood Post author

      I have not confirmed the above behavior, you may want to check.

      The program is intended to make things permanent, but I’m sure a tech savvy individual could bypass it. Like most things with technology it’s not “perfect”.

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  37. Jeff V.

    God bless you for this, sir! You have done a great deed indeed. Helping myself and my whole family. The incognito mode has brought about a lot of issues in our lives.

  38. Marie

    when I use the program, does it eliminate the mode on the entire computer for all users or do I have to use it on the sign-in that has installed it. For example, my spouse has his on user account (which has the incognito mode) and I have mine which does not. Do I have to sign in to his account and use the program there to disable it? I am assuming I do. Please confirm. Thanks

  39. Kat

    Thank you so much for all the work you put into this. I really, really appreciate it. We have one PC and one Mac in our home and would love a Mac version of this…thank you again.

  40. kerrie

    I’m worried if i choose “uninstall chrome incognito” that it will take google chrome off my computer all together. Is this the case or does it just disable the incognito function?

  41. Heather

    This did not work for me on firefox. I installed the microsoft framework above and closed the browser before clicking disable. It told me it was removed but it’s still on my menu. I even tried restarting. Any clue why it won’t work for me?

    1. William Wood Post author

      The items are still in the menu but they are either grayed out or clicking on them will start a new normal browsing window.

      So, try clicking on the option and see if it actually goes into incognito mode.

  42. Tyler

    William, This program is an answer to my prayers! I can’t thank you (and your wife) enough! I am a 33 year old engineer and father of 3 boys and have struggled with pornography addiction since before I was 10. The advent of the internet only made it easier to pervert my heart and mind and my views of love, marriage and sex which ultimately led me to pursue having an affair. It’s only by the grace and forgiveness of God and my amazing wife that I am even here today!

    I think that every man struggling with this problem should do everything they can to help themselves, no more denial, no more excuses. Yes the program’s permanent (and rightly so!) so do it before it’s too late!

    Thanks again and God Bless!!!

  43. Leigh

    Hi, I downloaded and installed this about a month ago and removed incognito, and was delighted. However, I have just noticed that incognito is working again on my computer!! Would you know if this is a problem with IncognitoGone, or has ‘someone’ managed to re-install it on my laptop?

  44. Marcel

    O software é muito bom e prático.
    Resolveu instantâneamente o meu problema.

    Eu indico.
    Marcel (Brazil)

  45. josephine

    thanks so much…I had a hard time reading and browsing how to remove incognito, you’ve made it easier for me..

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  47. Swati Aiyer

    Sorry, this might sound daft but I actually disabled the incognito mode only because I suspected it might have something to do with some new problems I was facing with viewing pictures on Facebook. However, I find even after disabling it, the problem persists. I am just wondering how I can reinstate the option (incognito mode). Not that it makes much of a difference to my use of the internet. However, I would just like to return the settings to what they were, and then see what I could do to fix the FB problem.

  48. Skiznit

    It doesn’t work with Firefox 20. I had to use a add-on called “Delete Private Browsing plus”. Are you able to work on a newer version? This helps with… (Phil 4:8)

  49. DoesntWork

    Hey Admin, I tried this program but it just doesn’t seem to work anymore. I have Windows 8 and Chrome 28.

  50. Jessica

    Iam trying to delete the incognito tab on my samsung nexus 10 tablet. When I downloaded this option it said. “Download complete” in the top right corner but when I tried to open it it said “cannot open file” the incognito option is still available. PLEASE help!

  51. Kirk Jordan

    I tried this with DOS (Mac) and it didn’t seem to work…. Should it have, or is this only for PC?

  52. fran

    Hello William Wood,
    I installed it on my notebook, worked perfectly for two months, but now mode anonymous is enabled again. what should I do?

    1. William Wood Post author

      Please take note of previous comments – version 28 is currently beta. However, a new version of Incognito Gone will be released soon to fix this.

  53. Jan T

    Can’t wait for an update for this “new incognito window” that just suddenly appeared after several years of being worry free!

  54. R L

    Thank you so much for this amazing tool and for such a quick update when the new version of chrome was released enabling incognito again. I am crossing my fingers that your incredible brain will develop a version for Android phones as that’s another battle that’s yet to be won for parents. Thanks again!

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  58. Amy

    I downloaded this on my laptop and it worked beautifully, but it does not work on my PC. It keeps coming up with this Runtime Error: This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the applications team for more info. I just switched to Google Chrome and I’m running Windows XP. Can you help with this? It brings me to the final box, but then it pauses & gives me the runtime error, I click ok, and then it appears to finish and even tells me incognito has been removed…it’s not.

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  60. Aitor

    Thanks a lot guy! I really needed it due to my procastination problems, could you an app for make impossible to uninstall a Chrome Extension? If so I will be very interested.

    Thank you, hope my 5$ are enough for you, max I can pay right now.

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  62. Robert Dickson

    Whew! Finally, a computer-dude that is on the same side as us parents.

    I was so mad at Explorer 10 for removing the parental controls, whatever they are called. In Ex9 they were there, then the next update removed them. Now you have to go to some flunky MS website and register your family and all the websites you want blocked, bla, bla ,bla.
    So I downloaded Chrome and used Firefox extension to block all content except the website I listed.
    That worked for about a week; my darling 11-year-old, future hacktrix found the “incognito” work-around. When I confronted her… after the lying, she says, “I don’t even know what incognito means!”

    Oh Brother! “Hacker!” I say to her.

    Well, thanks Bill for the work-around: work-around. Please take the misses out for pizza on my $25, cuz you saved me about 6-8 hours of work trying to find the solution!!

    Robert Dickson
    “Dad”, also known as “totally boring Dad, who paid for the laptop, and the school website to which you are only allowed… no youtube, tumblr, ponyexpress, bla, bla, bla”

  63. Nigel Goodnow

    Works as advertised, no problems. I’m running Win 7 64-bit with Google Chrome Version 31.0.1650.57 m. Tried editing the registry and couldn’t get any value changes to stick, not sure why, but this worked fine. Now I just have to convince my son to not reinstall Chrome as a workaround, which I think is what happened before. There’s always the “no, I won’t give you the password to unlock the computer” threat!

  64. Margaret

    Thanks so much for this! Exams are coming up and I need to block social media sites to stay focused, but my extension doesn’t block the sites on google chrome incognito! Hopefully this will save my grades.

  65. Deanna

    When will you have a fix for where this will work in Firefox? It worked perfectly until recently upgraded to Windows 7 , but still use Firefox.

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  67. Amy

    I have been trying to do this on my Hisense tablet. I have Android 4.1 system and tried downloading in Google chrome. after downloading, i try to open and it just says “cant open file”. Is there something I am not doing correctly?

  68. Henrique

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You provided a valuable service to humanity!
    Jehovah God bless you!

  69. Nina Collins

    YOU SIR ARE LIFESAVER, FOR BOTH ME AND MY CHILD. I have a 13 yr old that was abusing the Incognito Mode. I was able to fix it on his computer but my Windows 8.1 I could not do it on. Your download turned it off for both Chrome and IE in case he thought he could go there. I am going to download this on his computer as well as a just in case :) Thank you so very very very much!!!


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