My name is William Wood and I help developers and businesses make software and technology work for them. I focus on clean, agile development with current and emerging technologies usually in the Microsoft stack and web frameworks. I enjoy developing, mentoring and consulting with teams and companies helping them to develop clean and pragmatic solutions.


I started my journey in development in 2002 when a mentor of sorts told me he was a programmer. I was intrigued and spent an entire summer head-down consuming as much information as possible. From that first interaction I was hooked and quickly began working as a web designer and hobbyist programmer dabbling in Delphi-Pascal. In the mid-2000’s the WordPress craze arrived and I quickly hopped on the bandwagon, learned PHP, and started developing and consulting. In early 2011 I began my first full-time position working for a company. My job required me to put my PHP and WordPress skills on the back burner and dive into enterprise C# development. A little time later I was introduced to the SOLID principles of object-oriented design, TDD, and clean architecture. This leads me to where I’m at today. I regularly develop in C#, AngularJS, SQL, HTML, CSS, among other technologies.